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The Rain Man – Honorary TCK/CCK

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He wasn’t a TCK or even a CCK. But I think all of us can relate to this man’s marginalization by society. Most of us TCK’s have a tendency to want to “give back”, to “volunteer”, to “serve” humanity and the world in various ways. And most of us have felt marginalized, outcast, and shunned […]

Frodo – A Domestic TCK/CCK

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by JRR Tolkien Thanks to Bilbo, Frodo was very much a “global nomad”. And thanks to him and the Fellowship, (also made up of global nomads), all of Middle Earth was saved. Turn on your speakers and open a new tab: Roads Go Ever On – Tolkien Roads go ever ever on, Over rock […]

It’s true and I am finally ready to confess it to the world. I’ve always known this. And I’ve told my daughter this. Few people believe me, even the conspiracy theorists refuse to acknowledge this simple fact. (I would have thought they would have been all over it, but no, they scorn me like everyone […]

I hope the ever present “Nobody” (the boyz at Langley) back east doesn’t get all excited about this blog entry and send out the “ground troops”. For me, “HQ” is my parents house, and my identity is none of their business. I have really been enjoying the exploration of my TCK experience, through blogging. It […]

Hey TCKs. I found another article about traveling. This one is more US-centric but that doesn’t matter. It could all help us in the long run:

How to deal with damaged bags

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Hey all TCKs! Here’s a rather useful article from the NY Times regarding damaged bags!! Read the comments as well!

The Moscow Rules

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All CIA kids (and other “spy kids”) will understand and appreciate the Moscow Rules. I’m sure anyone involved with any other western intelligence agency will recognize them also. For those who are not familiar, I thought I would share one of the more unique experiences of my childhood. I am an ATCK and was raised […]

A poem about the Gulf War

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From Bitter to Sweet. Militia entrenched in the veins of war, virus and toxins to even the score. Denial and curses now blacken the air, “Slaughter awaits you ‘merica, beware!” Migraine starts with the throb of the bomb, Smart seeks silently Saddam and Son. Invasion revisits, drama unfolds, stories of battle heroics soon told. Water […]

On Being a Christian and “Hating” Christmas

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I just realized why I always “hate” christmas. It’s not because I don’t love Christmas. I do! I’m Eastern Orthodox (long story but I converted to that and this is apparently “typical” TCK behaviour, so ….) Anyway…I just realized why, every year, for 20 years I “hate” Christmas. It’s not because it’s “commercial” and there’s […]

Beyond the Horizon

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Carried up to skies of cobalt blue, Midst ivory white where the sun sits Bowing lower in the sky Until it stretches forth its brush To paint out the colours of day with sunset hue and rest its head beyond the horizon. The fluorescent moon greets me Snuggled up in its blanket of stars It […]