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This morning I woke to a strange sound. My ears prodded my faintly conscious mind awake to this rare phenomenon and it took a few groggy tries to pull myself out of sleep before I recognized what this sound actually was: rain! It hardly ever rains in Los Angeles and this is the second treat […]

A TCK’s Point of View

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Note: You can see this post with its pictures at Cross Cultural TCK   I speak English, Arabic, Spanish and French. In Dubai, nobody seemed to think it was at all special. With friends who were so culturally mixed where one spoke French, Dutch, English and Arabic, another who spoke Farsi and Italian, and another […]

Aussie Tradies

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There are a lot of things I’m learning about Perth, Western Australia and every day there is something new. I generally give something a chance and time to develop, to give me different experiences so that I don’t end up generalizing and stereotyping. As a person from several “unliked” cultures, trust me, I know all […]

  Hi there! My Name is Anna. I am new in this communitiy and I would like to ask you for kindly supporting my study. I would be very very happy, if the german speeking users of this community would fill in the questionnaire of my study. The participants should be in the age-range of 14 […]

Highland Gathering

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Today, we went to the Highland Gathering in the suburb of Kelmscott, in the city of Armadale. As the name implies, it is a celebration of all things Scottish! We didn’t know what to expect but figured it would be a fun day out. We arranged to go there with 2 families from my son’s […]

Don’t Be Afraid

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“Don’t be afraid to stand for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone” -unknown This has been something that I have struggled with throughout my time here in Ireland, and to be perfectly honest, it’s something that I have failed at as well. When my parents and I first moved to Dublin […]

Is Halloween Celebrated in Perth?

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We were told that Aussies didn’t really celebrate Halloween, so my son’s school organized a “trunk or treat” which entailed parents volunteering the trunks of their cars, decorating them with Halloween paraphernalia, parking them all nicely in a row, so the kids could go “trick or treating” at each car like they would have in […]