Is Halloween Celebrated in Perth?

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We were told that Aussies didn’t really celebrate Halloween, so my son’s school organized a “trunk or treat” which entailed parents volunteering the trunks of their cars, decorating them with Halloween paraphernalia, parking them all nicely in a row, so the kids could go “trick or treating” at each car like they would have in a neighbourhood.

So, off we went!

I have to say I was really impressed at the great lengths and efforts these parents went to! I had been thinking about volunteering but I could not have pulled it off like they did. They were amazing!!

The kids had a great day (how hard can it be when you’re shoving all the candy you can possibly eat down your throat?) and we were able to meet and socialize with some of the families a bit more.

One thing I did learn later on however, was this: some Australians do celebrate Halloween. In fact, we drove through suburbs where the houses had Halloween decor outside their homes – a clear sign that they were welcoming trick or treaters. And if that weren’t enough, we actually saw kids dressed up and walking around their neighbourhoods… I don’t think they were doing it for kicks!

Some areas of Scarborough and City Beach seemed more Halloween-willing. My husband also said that his work colleagues, who all live quite south, had told him that Halloween was big in their suburbs and they were leaving work early to get the house ready (and their children) for trick or treaters.

Our suburb was completely quiet unfortunately! We knew we wouldn’t be getting any trick or treaters this year, so we didn’t bother doing much. However, even in those suburbs, the local small shopping centres arranged a trick or treat event within their shops. Our local shopping centre sweetly had all the retailers dress up and set up their shops in such a way so kids could trick or treat the retailers. And there were kids trick or treating the shop owners on October 31st. It was really cute!

The school’s Trunk or Treat was fantastic! And then af ew days later, on actual Halloween’s Eve, we went to a friend’s house, so the kids got to dress up all over again and enjoy eating lots of sugar!

I think next year we’ll make more of an effort… and who knows… we might be living in a suburb that makes a big deal of Halloween.

And a Blessed Samhain to all!

Trunk decorations
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