Don’t Be Afraid

Posted: 10th November 2013 by Moses Alwood in Uncategorized

“Don’t be afraid to stand for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone” -unknown

This has been something that I have struggled with throughout my time here in Ireland, and to be perfectly honest, it’s something that I have failed at as well. When my parents and I first moved to Dublin in 2010, I fought very strongly for my faith, even to the point of losing friends. I thought that I had support in my beliefs, but unfortunately found that the support was few and far between. That hit me hard, and it hurt like hell. Over the next couple of years, I struggled with my faith, and struggled with what I believed in. It wasn’t easy, and I made a lot of mistakes I wish I could take back; mistakes that I still struggle with to this day. In the beginning of my Freshman year, a lot had been happening, and it all boiled over. I basically renounced my faith, and for a while I didn’t know if there was even a God. I did what I wanted to do, when I wanted to, with whomever I wanted to. Now, I wish I could take it back. It was probably the darkest few months of my life, and I wish they had never happened. Though I still struggle from time to time, I now feel confident in my faith. I know that there IS a God, and I know he cares and loves me more than I could ever imagine. I don’t feel like I need a hundred people to help me stand up for what I believe in. I know that sometimes I will be standing alone, but I know that I won’t be alone. God with be with me forever and always, and it is a comfort to know that.

I challenge you that you will remember that God will always be with you, to support you and care for you. Know that if you stand alone, you are all the more strong, for you are making a stand that others are too afraid to do. Take comfort, and stand for what you believe in.  -moses