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Places I could possibly live:

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– Victoria, British Columbia – Yangon, Myanmar – Hanoi, Vietnam – possibly Moreal, Canada – In the redwood forest/ on the coast of California 🙂 – Portland, Oregon or Bend, Oregon – Olympia, Washington – Hawaii! – Chengdu, China – Oakland, California    short term stints in: – Denmark in general – Seoul, Korea – […]

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Resettling in Belgium was a conscious  decision. We decided that the kids, my partner and myself should to return back to Belgium after living abroad for 12 years. Now I am back with doubts wheather this was the right decision. Suddenly, I notice that I am referring back to the good times when we where […]

Desire to do something new!

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Do you have that craving to do or learn something new regularly? Well I do! Does it have anything to do with growing up as a TCK? Read my blog on Time for something new….

They Will Call You

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A Third Culture Kid Life article that discusses the way TCKs are viewed by FCKs, and how we are handled by others. To view the article, click here to go to TCK Life.