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Mad World

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Thank you Marina Sofia for letting me share your poem “Who am I?” on this blog. The words touched my heart. I am so glad that there are people like Marina writing stories and poems about the feelings and challenges of third culture kids. You can follow Marina on twitter too @MarinaSofia8. Now it’s over […]

Vacation Time

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The hardest part about being all grows up and working. Is the standard time off for vacations. Not to be greedy, but I really feel like we all need a month off. 

Don’t Be So Wry, Sir.

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I Admit It – It Has Been Tough

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Originally taken from my blog at This is a warning to all those who click on the the link to this post and those who click on the link that leads to more: twenty-eight years of lies, anger, hatred, self-loathing, loneliness, despair, and more lay ahead. If you are easily offended, do not read […]

So Many Global Stories Waiting to be told

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Plato “Those who tell stories rule society.   Check my DrieCulturen blog for this new post

Originally taken from When I first discovered the term “Third Culture Kid”, I didn’t immediately say “Oh! Now I know what I am! I’m not crazy!”, my first reaction was “Am I really a TCK?” After wondering and wandering through cultures and continents, the answer is a resounding yes at this point, but it’s […]


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I was surprised when I saw the latest “Kimmy Came Alive Show” A show that has a comedian sit behind a desk and interview Vocal artists, celebrities and such…so this time he interviewed Katy Perry. WOW, I was shocked. Her parents were(are) traveling pentecostal? preachers. She wasn’t allowed to watch the smurffs, had to sing […]