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I was surprised when I saw the latest “Kimmy Came Alive Show” A show that has a comedian sit behind a desk and interview Vocal artists, celebrities and such…so this time he interviewed Katy Perry. WOW, I was shocked. Her parents were(are) traveling pentecostal? preachers. She wasn’t allowed to watch the smurffs, had to sing at all the churches she went to…etc. A celbrity just like I grew up…lols…She was totally in the HUH ??? stage when she got into the music industry. Her parents don’t support her talent, of course, esp after the hit, ” I kissed a girl” but she says her grandma is quite a hoot!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello Bonny, thanks for the comment. Sorry to hear you were laid off.

    I saw you have lovely photos on your page, are they yours? Find something you are good at or have a passion for and pursue it.

    I know expat wives create portable careers, these would fit well for us (A)TCKs, we like in independence. I will post a link maybe there is something there that can help you!