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third culture teen’s and kid’s

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hi, this is max, cecile’s daughter. i am working on the exhibition at my school and my topic is: TCK’s   blog:   can you please check the blog? it would be  really hepful. even more helpful if you comment.   max


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If you often have to look up rare English words, try I find it very useful.


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“I want to go home!”I cried in the nightBut they say “You’re already here.” “My people need help!”I shrieked desperatelyBut they say“Everyone is safe here.” Do they not understand?Have they not been watchingThe footage from New YorkThe reports from Washington? The twin towers are fallingAnd I’m on the floorOf my third-grade living room, weeping“It’s the […]

MEMO publishes books in English and Danish relating to the artists personal and artistic experiences but also other’s. MEMO publishing has published “NÃ¥r vi er syge, er vi raske” in Danish about the Danish welfare systems way of treating sick people.   And this in English. Can be ordered on LULU right away.   […]

Resume time

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Hmm…. I’m really wondering how on earth to include being a TCK on my resume… so much experience that can potentially just get written off.  :

Calling All TCKs! Ideas needed.

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I have been doing a lot of research lately about TCKs and what makes us the way we are, both the good and the bad. I’m involved with a my schools office of inter-cultural relations, and I’ve got an opportunity to work on a program to connect TCKs and meet their special needs so they, […]

Hey TCKs! My dance company is in need of volunteers or interns to help out with administrative tasks especially for our Chameleon project which is about the TCK experience. This would be great for a college student looking for arts administrative experience but can only do 1-3 hours per week or a stay-at-home mom looking […]

Cracks are beginning to show, life and my erratic passport stamps are taking their toll on my life.  It’s nice to finally label my problem: ‘identity and personal crisis’, but that doesn’t make it any easier or better.   Fighting a loosing battle and I just wish I could shut my brain off, if only […]

February 4th

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Re-Entry Complete…or is it?

Boring update

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For privacy reasons, I had to close all my blog posts to “friends only”, so if you want to read my blog (which I haven’t updated in a gazillion years anyway), you’ll have to sign up and then friend me in the My Opera Community, or, if you want to read my really old posts, […]