Boring update

Posted: 3rd February 2011 by admin in Uncategorized

For privacy reasons, I had to close all my blog posts to “friends only”, so if you want to read my blog (which I haven’t updated in a gazillion years anyway), you’ll have to sign up and then friend me in the My Opera Community, or, if you want to read my really old posts, they are on Multiply.


When I find a technological solution to feed my blog here while still making it private to the rest of the internet, I’ll let you know.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I like your post.

    It really isn’t easy and hurtful, i always am thankful for those who take the time to empathize (of corse those who are near to you, because they know a glimps of your struggles). I hate being empathized by strangers and often make my self tougher than i am. Bet you all know that…

    But i know also how you feel. In the Phils one of the worse and dummest things my filipino friends could say to me is ‘Oh why are you so white ha?’ or even ‘why are you not so thin like the rest’ and all you can think is ugh dugh im not Filipina and yet i am in the soul. Eventually things began to change there, now the same friends say ‘Your white on the outside but brown in the inside’ wow it has such an impact of change upon your soul and yet the past discrimination are there and they hurt. I guess many of us can relate to how you must feel, i think one thing that might help is, though its really hard, and it took me time to do it as well, to embrace part of who you are, try to see the Korean aspects and know where you ma is coming from.

    Hope its ok i mention that. Anyways tc and hope we stay in touch 🙂