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We value your part in this community!

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Dear friends, Thank you for being a vital and active part of our community! We hope you are enjoying conversations with kindred spirits, making new friends, and learning more about yourself. We are only happy to be a part of your journey. TCKid is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting and helping cross-cultural people around […]

On September 20th, 1932, (precisely 80 years ago) this famous black and white photograph was taken. The 11 men, who are supposedly Irish immigrants, are on top of the then-construction Rockefeller building, enjoying a skyline view of New York City during lunch time. No one truly knows who they are or the photographer’s name, or […]

I’m a Third Culture Kid

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Taken from my blog: Who are Third Culture Kids? A global nomad. International school alumni. A world traveler. A military kid. TCKs are people who spent a majority of their childhood years in a culture different from their parents’. TCKs develop their identities while living in foreign countries, thus associating with the culture of […]

TCK a colour/color comparison

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One way I think helps us picture where TCKs fit into the grand scheme of things is by using colour. Imagine cultures as colours. Culture Y is yellow and culture Z is blue. A child growing up in one culture will feel they are yellow and a child growing up in the other will feel they are […]

How Social Media Has Made Most TCKs Idiots

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Taken from my blog at The depth of experiences and the diversity of stories that those who travel and undergo great changes in life are sure to make for great conversation starters at a cocktail party. Unfortunately, there is a point where that bragging and exceptional uniqueness becomes a distasteful hubris that alienates people […]

Travel resources :)

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Social Isolation and Exclusion

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Hey everyone, Clark Levykh here, age 25, living currently in Vancouver Canada. Part of my story is that I definitely don’t feel that I belong anywhere in Canada, I’ve been right across this country and most of the people (from my experience) are VERY anti-social and egotistical, it’s absolutely horrendous. In fact, the police officers […]

One year after

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Checking-in. 1 year after I discovered TCKID, I thought it was time for a re-visit. I have to thank this website/community so much, as it had definitely helped me find who I am, accept who I am, and live life to the fullest. I believe I have accepted my fate – I am still living […]

just like me

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So, when some time in my late teens, I stumbled into the realisation that the majority of my heroes were not heroines, and that fewer still shared my ethnic origins, for a while I was angry. I was angry with the industry for the limited diet they’d been serving me all my life and angry […]