One year after

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1 year after I discovered TCKID, I thought it was time for a re-visit. I have to thank this website/community so much, as it had definitely helped me find who I am, accept who I am, and live life to the fullest.

I believe I have accepted my fate – I am still living here in Vancouver, Canada away from my family who are all back in the Philippines. Most of my friends and colleagues think I’m crazy as we have a family business in the Philippines – no ordinary business, it’s a beach resort. Who wouldn’t want to live in a beach resort? In arguably the most beautiful island in the Philippines, El Nido, Palawan. But there’s just something to be said about freedom. As far as I can remember, I enjoyed my freedom, being able to have so much space to think beyond your dreams and do whatever you feel like doing. But not to say, I still have doubts sometimes of going back to the Philippines, when times get hard here in Canada.

My only qualms at the moment, is relationships. I have gone into two relationships since I arrived here in Vancouver, in the last 2.5 years. And they both didn’t work out. The last one was just very recent actually – that’s maybe the reason why I found my way back here in TCK. Hmm… Is it the connection? Chemistry? Arguably.. both were local Vancouverites, lived here all their lives, with their friends and family, and I was an outsider – just different experiences maybe. Is there a TCK out there for me? 🙂 Well, it is what it is. Who knows how relationships work – they either do or they don’t. It is what it is… If the shoe fits!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very much a longer too, ditto

  2. Anonymous says:

    I read both your blog posts.. thanks for sharing your experiences, you’re right, it’s the mutual feeling of being able to relate to others that makes this community so … therapeutic? I think we all use it pretty similarly, as we don’t come here often but we still know we can and we do when we need to get that sense of affirmation of identity, whatever that identity is.  I know that I myself have only been able to reconcile my current identity/living state by the fact that I know and plan and promise myself that its not permanent.  I love envisioning the great unknown that lies ahead, cuz Im gonna live elsewhere but I’m leaving the ‘where’ to figure itself out whenever it can. . . 

    BTW Im starting up a group for TCKs in BC (most of whom are in vancouver..) hopefully it’ll give us all a way to connect and stuff =) if you’re interested. 

    Oh and don’t worry, I totally understand your relationship dilemma.  My dating history has resulted the same (until I met my current prince Charming that is.. ^.^) but connecting with people who’ve never travelled further than Alberta or Seattle leaves you feeling like, they can try to be understanding all they want, but they really can’t fathom the idea of being globally homeless…. It’s hard to share a kind of connection with a person like that, when they can’t even get their head around the dilemma thats at your core… But! It’s not impossible =) I find that people who’ve travelled, even if not a TCK, usually end up with a ‘grand’er concept of the world.  It helps =)