Archive for September, 2010 One of the things I was once criticized over when applying to work as a travel agent was that I wasn’t well-traveled. I found that a bit odd someone would say that, considering my background as a Third Culture Kid and living in several different countries. Thinking about it for a while, I realized […]

…constantly confused by the changes in seasons, I cannot get used to the sun rising and setting at different times. …shop in small shops with limited choice, preferably with someone who speaks Hindi behind the till. Not that I really speak Hindi, but I find it reassuring. …love the smell and life in markets …am […]

You are what you eat: Third Culture Kid Diets

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Originally taken from You are what you eat, and this must mean I’m pretty sweet! When I was young, one of my dreams was to travel the world. It’s still a dream, but it’s also something that is a constant part of my life and being, since I’ve done some traveling already. For this […]