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My friend’s father immigrated from China to San Francisco when he was 18. When he came to the USA, he spoke no English. Soon he got his first job at Chinese grocery store in China town. Knowing his language barrier, his boss taught him a simple English expression, “I don’t know. Ask him.” His boss […]

Wisdom Shared by a 3 year-old boy

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At Dinner table, a man was talking with his wife. His aunt was recently fired from her job. Their 3 year-old son overheard their conversation. He said to his father, “She was fired? You have to call firefighter, daddy.” His father tried his best to explain what happened to his aunt. Not understanding what his […]

From now on

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Hi guys, I finally managed to make the RSS feed of my blog into this page (had to go on Firefox to do this, because this site doesn’t work in Opera!). From now on, I won’t write in this box anymore. Just check on the left <— to see my latest posts. Anything you’d like […]

I’m currently looking for an answer to that question! I have written a blog post about it here: If you have anything that can help (general tips, or just relate to how I feel), DO SHARE!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, fellow TCKs!!!

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My name is Suzy (just a nickname/English name though) and I am at third year at UC Santa Barbara My major is at Global Studies. I also minor in History I grew up in South Korea, Bangladesh, and the U.S. For South Korea, I stayed there for half of my life, but most of my […]