Hi, fellow TCKs!!!

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My name is Suzy (just a nickname/English name though) and I am at third year at UC Santa Barbara

My major is at Global Studies. I also minor in History

I grew up in South Korea, Bangladesh, and the U.S.

For South Korea, I stayed there for half of my life, but most of my memories in Korea are
consisted of a period when I stayed there for almost three years (Despite this, I have to admit,
unlike most TCKs, I still consider Korea, my passport country, as my motherland)

For Bangladesh, I stayed there for almost four years because my Dad’s work located him there

For the U.S., I am currently living here for seven years

I am fluent at Korean and English fluently. My Mandarin is at (little bit) conversational level.

I do not mind being asked “Where are you from?”, but I do hate some detailed questions which has to do with
identity, such as “Are you International student or gyo-po (means Korean who grew up in country outside of Korea
and/or Korean living permanently at country outside of Korea)?” and “Do you speak English?” (PLEASE!)

I love to travel, meet people from all kinds of cultures, surfing on Internet, write things about how I feel and
my interests, listening to music (consisted of Korean, English-language ones, Japanese, Mandarin-language
ones, and Thai), and hanging out with friends

Feel free to say hi and to get to know me! 🙂

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, annyung, and ni hao, Suzy. I am quite close compared to some people here, as I am in the UCLA area, a couple hours from where you are. Thanks for the comment on mine, welcome to TCKID (even if it’s a month late). Feel free to contact me for anything you need (I’m serious) in California. Take care.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have been to Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, USA, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Israel, Singapore, Myanmar, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Nicaragua and I have seen Canada and Hawaii from the air… I think that is all. I have lived in Guatemala, Australia, Argentina, and the USA.

    I want to live in Israel.
    I want to visit France, Germany, Switzerland Italy, Panama, Ecuador, Canada, Egypt, South Africa, Uganda, India, and China.

    I want to re-visit New Zealand, Myanmar, and Brazil.