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Taken from my blog,   One of the biggest factors that involved my decision to become a Globalist wasn’t just the sad state of the world due to globalization, but because of my experience as a Third Culture Kid. To give a little background, Globalism can be seen as a counter to globalization. Globalism is both […]

As parents, we’re always trying to find new resources for better working with our kids. Teaching and learning with them, seems to be the key for the problem. While raising third culture children, we’re constantly looking out for practical and realistic opportunities to improve their social, interpersonal and learning skills. When today’s children begin to […]

For everyone: Watch the Chameleon 2011 trailer   To my lovely New York based TCKs: Catch the full length version of Chameleon before we go on the road on June 29, 2011! AHDC is heading off to Toronto this summer to perform at the Toronto Fringe Festival. We will be taking Chameleon, the experience […]

Families in Global Transition is well underway in developing the 2012 Conference Program.  The conference, March 29-31, 2012, will be held near Washington DC.  Each year presentations about TCK experiences and research are shared at this conference. Members of My TcKid are encouraged to consider being part of the conference program. If you are interested in presenting or would […]

I Blame It on the Magnesium Powder

Posted: 11th June 2011 by admin in Uncategorized   A daily struggle with Korean parents who admires American lifestyle, yet can’t take their daughter who intergrated the western lifestyle.  Enjoy.  I still blame it on the magnesium powder, though.

Hello TCKids Community! Looking for teenagers like myself who are familiar with being in new places with new people. A little about myself: I’m almost the replica of the main child in the famous book, The Namesake (by Jhumpa Lahiri) – a boy born in the USA into a Bengali family. However, my life takes […]

I feel a little bit like a newbie on this site, even though I’ve had a profile since the original TCKid site, where I used to post every once in a while. Since then I’ve managed to make some roots.  I’ll always be that girl who comes from everywhere, but some how that has turned […]

Any TCKs in South Korea?

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  If you are TCK currently living in South Korea, please contact Isabelle Min (, who is in charge of TCK community in South Korea.  Yes our membership is growing, but we’d love to see more – and I bet it’s good for you to meet fellow TCKs too!  

Reverse Culture Shock and more

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So I’m in transition again – straddling two completely different and separate worlds, and feeling like I’m falling off both of them.   Have you ever felt this way during a summer vacation ‘home’ – wherever home happens to be?   You just get back from a school year of teaching or studying in another […]

Encounter with a tck ex

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Hey daddy 😀 The characters escape my fingers before I have time to think. Sometimes I wonder if online conversations are faster than they are real life. Do we type faster than we talk?    We make small chit chat, but he wants some casual sex. Is it ever as casual as it starts off? […]