I’m currently looking for an answer to that question!

I have written a blog post about it here:

If you have anything that can help (general tips, or just relate to how I feel), DO SHARE!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    it is a tough question, Maira. TCKs have openmindedness due to their cross-cultural upbringing, but their domestic peers often do not. Thus, it is quite common to have a conflict between TCKs and their domestic peers. I suggest the difference and identity of TCKs be acknowledged so that their differences can be accepted to other people.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been to (for visit/living/transit etc) Korea, Bangladesh, U.S. (Nevada, California,
    Washington D.C., New York, Florida, Arizona, New Jersey, and bit more), Mexico
    (for visa), Taiwan (transit), Thailand (transit+2 visits), United Arab Emirates, Turkey,
    Nepal, Singapore (transit+visit), Canada (Quebec), and Malaysia

    I wanna visit Taiwan, China (especially Hong Kong), Japan, France, Netherlands,
    UK, South Africa,and probably few more countries

    I always giggle whenever I realize that I have been to places that most people never
    visited before, but I have never been to places that most people visited before