Resettling in Belgium was a conscious  decision. We decided that the kids, my partner and myself should to return back to Belgium after living abroad for 12 years. Now I am back with doubts wheather this was the right decision.

Suddenly, I notice that I am referring back to the good times when we where still living that expat life. I notice that I selectively  forget the  challenges  expats have to deal with.  The  grass is always greener on the other side or in the last country you lived in. Looking more closely at this feeling, I realise that I will need to make an effort to continue to stand behind my desicion by making our lives in our ‘home’country more comfortable. How can I make make my ‘home’ country feel like home again?  1/3 Of my life I lived outside my home country; my  children lived 11 years abroad and only live here for one year.  

We will need to rediscover our home country but not only that, we will need to rediscover parts of ourselves we forgot about. 

  1. Anonymous says:

    @Laura, I love that! New favourite word!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m in the process of resettling back in my own home town, in the US. I never really wanted to move here but it is where the work is right now. I have a good friend here and a lot of family but most of them have busy lives and there isn’t room for me so it is almost worse being here than someplace new. Being older it is becoming harder to find new friends. I’m still waiting for our shipment of belongings and getting used to this area but soon I need to join some meet up groups or get a job just so I can find some friends. I loved where we lived before and didn’t want to leave but hAd no option. Thinking about even trying to start a coffee group for expats and repatriates here. At least that would be a crowd I could relate to.