Places I could possibly live:

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– Victoria, British Columbia

– Yangon, Myanmar

– Hanoi, Vietnam

– possibly Moreal, Canada

– In the redwood forest/ on the coast of California 🙂

– Portland, Oregon or Bend, Oregon

– Olympia, Washington

– Hawaii!

– Chengdu, China

– Oakland, California

   short term stints in:

– Denmark in general

– Seoul, Korea

– Paris, France (the nice areas ! ;] :P)

– India, in monasteries, not sure where yet…

   Kinds of places:

– In an auberge/ community oriented Hostel in the countryside

– In an intentional community in Oakland or San Francisco

More to be added later…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Leeds and Manchester are both great university cities. I had friends at both and they are full of other students. The actual cities are both a bit grim, post industrial cities, very grey. But also cheap for England, which is probably why they have a lot of students. Manchester is obviously a bit bigger than Leeds so probably has a bit more going on but Leeds has almost as many students so both shouls have a good amount of foreign/tck students to mix with. There isn’t too much between it really, they are both in a similar part of the country (don’t let anyone there know I said that).I would say there was a very strong drug culture there tho so expect a lot of social gatherings to have extacy and acid everywhere!! But on that note it’s a very open minded part of the world so the lgbt shouldn’t be a problem. There is a street in Manchester called Canal street that is like the ‘Brighton of the north’ (also a nice street too).
    Sorry I don’t really know internatinal percentages but the shear number of students in both cities I think there will be pleanty. UK universities tend to have a lot of internatinal students generally… but I know they have tried to reduce it in recent years.

    Hope thats some help.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice list!