Highland Gathering

Posted: 16th November 2013 by admin in Uncategorized

Today, we went to the Highland Gathering in the suburb of Kelmscott, in the city of Armadale.

As the name implies, it is a celebration of all things Scottish! We didn’t know what to expect but figured it would be a fun day out. We arranged to go there with 2 families from my son’s school.

We were pleasantly surprised at all the effort the town went through to put together this event. Bagpipes, Highland dances, ceilidh, the tossing of the caber, strong man competition, live celtic music, a kids corner where they go to try out sword fighting and fencing, a medieval fair, tasty food and a lot of fantastic Scottish goods, arts and crafts and all kinds of paraphernalia.

Best of all, it’s free!!

For those sporty types, there is also a kilt run!!

So many people turned up in their best Scottish gear, and most of the performers tried to put on their best Scottish accent.

We had a complete blast, despite the unbearable heat. Our 5-year old became over tired and grumpy around 3.30pm so we had to cut the trip shorter than we liked.

We’re not sure if this event takes place every year but if it’s on next year, we are definitely going to go again!

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