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[Warning: This may be a depressing post. I just feel like I need to let it out and I figure this will be a good place to do that because I think the emotions I am expressing stems from my TCK lifestyle. Thanks for understanding.] It’s that time of the year in the US – […]

Its how you say something that counts.

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The other day I was asked to go and get food for some friends. After collecting the cash I headed over to Mc Donalds and carried on through the drive through. I ordered the food and paid for it and drove over to the second window where a rather obese lady with greasy skin asked […]

So what’s next?

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As a TCK don’t you feel like you are always struggling or striving for something? Sometimes you feel like you need to get somewhere so that someday someone will understand…and then that day did come…now what? Before fall of 2006 I was pretty much a “struggler” I guess I can call myself that LOL I […]

Commercialism at Christmas

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Well, here it is! A poem with the intention of painting a picture of commercialisation taking over the festive season. Santa’s Dying! Santa’s dying his time is nearly up, too much coke, cookies and sweets, too much stress in his old age! Dodging planes and sliding from steeply pitched roves, too many small chimneys filled […]

As some of you know I like to write poetry. The power of poetry is that you can get people to look at something, compare it to something else and get an understanding of the experiences involved. Here are a few examples of writing poetry to help others or myself understand certain issues. The issue […]

So You’ve Just Discovered You’re A Third Culture Kid For the longest time, I was shunned by other people, whose (mis-)judgment of me destroyed any confidence, self-respect, and self-love that I had. From being accused of lying about where I’m from (the mind-killer question), being weird, or stupid for not doing things “normal” people do […]

Why I did what I did…I think.

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Ever since I found out about my ‘terminal uniquess syndrome’ (a term I also just found out about and will cling on to til the day I die!) I’ve been analyzing the decisions I’ve made in my life since my culture switch took place when I was 15. Like Wendy wrote in her blog, it […]

My Not-So-Unique Journey

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I’m slightly different than the majority of stories I’ve read in this community. Most are global experiences. I’m a domestic TCK within Canada so my patriotic ties are indisputable. I attended 9 schools–in some cases, moving from one side of a city to another or one side of the country to another–before I graduated high […]

Rootlessness isn’t a bad word……

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Many images are evoked when someone mentions the word “life”. Mine has been one of constant change. I have placed my temporary roots over the stretch of three continents, lived in almost thirty different houses and visited even more countries while travelling or backpacking. It is safe to say that I have not known the […]

I just found out today…

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…that I am a Third Culture Kid. I’m fascinated by this, and also a little relieved that there is actually a term for someone like me! I’ve gone through many stages of feeling out of place and foreign, both in America and in the Netherlands, and have always figured it was something in my own […]