Commercialism at Christmas

Posted: 17th December 2009 by admin in Uncategorized

Well, here it is! A poem with the intention of painting a picture of
commercialisation taking over the festive season.

Santa’s Dying!

Santa’s dying his time is nearly up,
too much coke, cookies and sweets,
too much stress in his old age!
Dodging planes and sliding from steeply pitched roves,
too many small chimneys filled with smoke
his asthma and bronchitis would wake the children.

Santa’s dying, his eyesight failing,
Reading letters of greed and innocence,
Breaking his back with ever bigger loads,
his reindeer struggling under the weight.
Having to wear thick clothes and dodge snowballs,
then suffering from heatstroke in the tropics.

“Santa’s dead!” the obituary read,
He was no longer politically correct,
Overweight and old, his last days spent,
Reminiscing of younger days:
When his charity brought a sigh and a smile,
to young children’s dreaming faces,
and a gentle kiss goodnight
kept their hearts warm.

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s not just expat adults -_-
    I think that it also belongs to people who are CCK (like Asian-Americans, Chinese-Koreans,
    Latino Americans). and they live in another country, other than the country
    where they grew up as minority most or all of their life
    I was only one in my missionary team in Thailand (summer 2008) who bothered to
    try to blend in with Thais, not clinging to kids in missionary, and learn many
    things about their culture as I can
    Maybe I was a lot more used to having to blend into different kinds of cultures
    than they are (sounds like I’m bragging right now xD)
    I would keep my mouth shut in front of my Mom, cause I know she won’t change her mind,
    but I will make fun out of that incident with anyone whom I know will understand
    why I make fun out of it