The Rain Man – Honorary TCK/CCK

Posted: 31st December 2009 by admin in Uncategorized

He wasn’t a TCK or even a CCK. But I think all of us can relate to this man’s marginalization by society. Most of us TCK’s have a tendency to want to “give back”, to “volunteer”, to “serve” humanity and the world in various ways. And most of us have felt marginalized, outcast, and shunned by our peers. Well, we haven’t been where this man has been, perhaps, but maybe we can all celebrate his own “terminal uniqueness syndrome” in our hearts, and strive to be more understanding and more accepting than ever, after reading his story.

As for myself, I am not a little “touched”. I am inspired by this man. I am always for the “little guy” and for the nominalized and marginalized of any society. “Rain Man” was all of this and more. They said he should be lobotomized when he was 6 years old! Thank God his parents ignored their “advice”. And perhaps, just perhaps, “Rain Man” is the greatest of us all, no matter how impressive we may think we are, or how “accomplished” we may seem.

Resquiat in pace, Rain Man. I think that right now you must be in heaven among “sparkly” things.

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    Trunk = boot