Beyond the Horizon

Posted: 19th December 2009 by admin in Uncategorized

Carried up to skies of cobalt blue,
Midst ivory white where the sun sits
Bowing lower in the sky
Until it stretches forth its brush
To paint out the colours of day with sunset hue
and rest its head beyond the horizon.

The fluorescent moon greets me
Snuggled up in its blanket of stars
It lights a path on the cloud tops
Whispering of a new day to come
buried under the ivory canopy,
awaiting our slow descent
into the radiant veins of the city below.

Grey clouds greet me with their tears,
And the wind sucks out the warmth of the past.
The earth plays a different tune here,
Its rhythm sad and slow, twelve bar blues,
clashing to the offbeat throb of reggae within me.
The sun raises its head only so far
Ashamed of my strange dancing
to the song of this new land.

Midst the city streets or fields of green,
The minor chords of sadness turn to major,
I dance a new dance midst the cornfield and streetlight,
Though the offbeat of my heart still throbs to remind me
that the past beckons through the rainbows in the clouds.
A reminder of what was and is no more
while summer winds blend me into the maelstrom
That was and is… myself.

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is great! It reminds me of my experience coming to America. First people would ask what my name was, and as soon as they heard me speak, they’d say, ‘where are you from’ or ‘where is your accent from’ and I always thought, “I’m not the one with the accent, you are.” So anyway, I also have a hybrid accent because it’s not quite British, not quite Dutch and not quite American, which are the main accent influences I’ve had around me. My English relatives tell me I sound American, and my American friends tell me I sound British. I think I sound confused, but I decided to take it as my TCK accent. The upside is that when I try saying words in other languages like Chinese or French or Russian, it’s not hard to pick up the right sounds and I don’t have an ‘accent’ when I speak. Which I guess sounds like a paradox doesn’t it? OH well, it’s the story of the TCK accent I suppose 😀 changes with the environment.