Moving on correctly

Posted: 11th May 2010 by admin in Uncategorized

So, you find yourself once again on the move…

Yes it is all to easy to cut the ties and relationships and move onto a new experience, a new place and a new people. But what of those we leave behind. All to often TCKs think only of their move and themselves and forget those they leave behind. How often do we think ” I miss those people ” but forget that they more than likely miss us too! Just how much time and effort have we spent saying or doing things before we leave to say ” I appreciate you and I appreciate sharing my life with you for this time,however brief”. We become focussed so much on our own issues we forget those who have cared and miss us!
So if you find yourself moving again… try to move on and leave a legacy of good memories of yourself in others. Let them picture you with fondness when they think about you. Leave them precious memories of you and you can be sure that in some way you will find that investment in the lives of others is worthwhile, even if you never see it, you will have emotionally connected with others in the walk of life and made a difference.!