So today, a good friend of mine moved to France.

I was sad, but super excited for her, as it was her first time moving –ever.

However, I didn’t really display my sadness, because when I was growing up, that was frowned upon. Plus, when you have never lived anywhere more than 3 years, friends coming in and out of your geographic position isn’t really that big of a deal.

But apparently it is to one of my roommates.

She took one look at my not-sad-enough face, and flat out called me a bitch.


Because I “obviously didn’t love my friend, since I am not even sad to see her go.”

Ok, first of all, you have known me a whole 5 months. How dare you presume to understand how I am feeling?! Not to mention, you’ve freaking known me a whole 5 months! You should know by now that I rarely show my real emotions.

Secondly, just because I don’t feel the need to cry, and scream, and throw things, and lapse into a month long depression because my friend left (like YOU do), doesn’t mean I’m not upset.

It doesn’t mean I am not going to miss my friend.

I am.

But more than that, I am excited for her, ok?

She has the whole great new experience waiting for her, and it is going to be epic, and I will see her again, it is not like she is dying.

I now have a reason to travel (back) to France.

We have Facebook, and letters, and phones, so it isn’t like I will never talk to her again.

So cut the name calling.

And stop looking at me like I killed a baby seal or something.

Although seal meat is delicious.

Not that you’d know.

Because you have never been anywhere.

And wrinkle your nose at the idea of eating any meat besides beef, chicken, and pork.


Now I DO sound like a bitch.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Guys, wow, so great to talk about this stuff with you. I’m fairly new to TCKid, and finally a place where people can understand you without having to explain it.

    To Paul:  I don’t like trying new food because I’m “afraid” of them. Sometimes it takes me a while to get used to a new flavor, then I like it.  I love cows milk, so camel milk might be interesting.

    Back on subject.. When I left my best friend of 3 years from university, I had assumed that we would never see each other again. From the bus window I could see her crying, but I was smiling. That was the beginning of the end of our friendship. She sent me smss once a month saying she missed me, and i thought that was strange as we are both girls… She made me feel guilty for not expressing closeness to her.  I felt obliged to make a trip to visit her at her parents house in Germany.  I made the mistake of telling he this and she got really pissed off.  Later she came to visit me at my parents, but I wasn’t able to take her around much because I was going through an extremely stressful period.  That earned me the name “bitch” and worse. We definitely were on different wave lengths.   At university we were so similar, but our differences came out later. 

    I have always felt embarrassed about saying goodbye -like why should you kiss or hug someone you have known for x months/years and in that time you never kissed or hugged..  I’m really bad at it, I usually try to escape if possible.  Last time a colleague left to China (non tck) I actually left work a day early not to say goodbye.. but he stopped by again on the way to the airport.. damm!!   I hate when people say we’re going to keep in touch or come visit from the other end of the planet.  It’s just not possible.