The value of TCKID

Posted: 13th October 2011 by admin in Uncategorized

I have been a TCKid for a number of years now. I do not always reply to discussions but usually read them, much like facebook I suppose. I do not have the need to put all the nitty gritty of the days activities on the internet for everyone to peruse. Yet I have noticed that there are many that join TCKid and perhaps post once or twice, even join a group and we never hear from them again.

my.tckid does not seem to be as well used as it could be but I think it still plays a vital role. For many TCKS it is enough to know that they are normal to have issues and this allows them to feel confident about being different. For others times of intense conversation and discussions help to air issues they are struggling with and then they are able to move on in life. Others like to blog and discuss things on an ongoing basis.

Each person’s needs and uses of this site differ yet for its value as a tool to healing and self discovery, it has proved to be such a blessing to many.  I thank God for resources such as this on the internet that have changed and saved lives over the years.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have to say, after finding this group and reading this first blog I wrote, I don’t feel as confused as before. It has really helped me understand who I am, but moreover there really is comfort in finding people who share the same background as you – I am not alone.


    But at times, I do feel jealous of the people who have lived in one place all there lives. They have their family and friends close by and they will never feel lonely. They will easily build relationships around them because this is their culture. This is what I call, “the normal people.” Makes me wonder what kind of problems and challenges they have? Are they much different from me? This is a question a TCK will always ask. Because of the nature of who we are, we’ll never be defined as normal.


    A TCK like me will have to accept his lonely path. I don’t believe I was meant to be close to my family. I plan to settle here in Vancouver, away from my family who have moved back to Philippines. Unlike my family, I feel like Canada is my home.


    Before finding this group, I could not answer this question clearly. Where do I belong? Philippines or Canada? The answer is both. And it will both be a challenge, with relationships and getting along with the locals either country I choose. So choose one and just stick with it.