My top 10 reasons for going on vacation as a TCK

Posted: 27th January 2011 by admin in Uncategorized

1) To get away – I think to really appreciate where you currently live, you have to leave it, and then come back. When you come back, if the place you live doesn’t excite you… its not the place to be living in for much longer.

2) Take a break! There’s a reason why we need to sleep at night, meditate, yoga, stretch, exercise, nap, etc. A vacation is the ultimate break, I think taking lots of mini vacations will help our productivity levels b/c we come back energized.

3) TCK “itch” – We all know it. The urge to move and live somewhere new. Vacations can trick our TCK “itch” and prolong it so we don’t just pack up and move constantly. (Tip: If you can, take a Long vacation and it will def. trick your “itch”)

4) Discovering the unknown – Whether its the tourist sights you read about, heard about, seen in pictures or tv, the “exotic” food, seeing how others live, etc. We’re curious so we go there!

5) Meeting people from different cultures and connecting with them at that particular place is special. I think you learn cross cultural communication when you’re immersed in a different culture where you have to interact with all sorts of people from different cultures.

6) Not working/studying/training. Refer back to #2. The workaholic that I am, I’m constantly doing something related to my work or seeing others do my line of work… my brain never stops. A vacation forces you to take the break from working.

7) Trying something different. On a vacation, I’m more likely to pick up a new interest.

8) Visiting old TCK friends that live there now. So many of my TCK friends and family are spread out around different parts of the world that I will go make some time to meet up with them during my vacation. (Love Facebook for this!)

9) Creating memories. I consider memories as my home and I try to make as many memories for myself as much as possible. Who doesn’t love multiple “homes”?

10) Collecting memory markers. Refer to #9. To remember these memories, I like to collect items that will become a memory marker, a souvenir of sorts that remind me of that particular moment in time. 🙂 (Probably why I have way too many things…)


There you have it. My top 10 reasons for going on vacation as a TCK.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Girl, I know exactly where you’re coming from. Craving a deeper relationship with people, but ever-conscious of the fact that one or both of you may be gone soon. That fact constructing an invisible wall that keeps others at bay and is impossible to scale. And you’re not sure if you’re glad of that or not. *sigh* Thank God for heaven and the moments in between 🙂 And for people to relate to! 🙂  

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes I do, look on my profile page, I’ve put some up. Also on my website


    Also check out my kickstarter campaign:

    I posted a video with excerpts from some of the community based activities.