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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Janneke,  wow, you have certainly jumped into your interest boots and all!  Your blog site is very very well put together.  I am taking my daughter out to lunch in a minute, so have only read a few little bits and pieces of the sorts of things you are writing about and interested in, but am looking forward to following up on alot of the links you provide.  I have just read through the 30 pages you posted on the new book – thank you so much for providing this.  From something you wrote in your blog, I see you are quite interested in keeping the definition of Third Culture Kid accurate:  you might be interested in reviewing a thesis length article I am writing on the use of this term:  I wrote a thesis on this subject in 1979, and last year came across all this TCK stuff on the web:  I have many ideas that are not really written about in the literature I have come across so far.  I got distracted by other projects, and am only half way through, but it sounds to me like you would be a fantastic reader/analyser of material, and maybe you would like to give me feedback when I get the piece more pulled together (another month or so……) – off to lunch.  Warmly, Genevieve  (I posted this in the wrong place…..whatever…….)