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Posted: 14th March 2012 by admin in Uncategorized

HI ! I am sharing this with you all! I wrote this piece on what happens when you have friends and relationships around the globe, and the loss of coming back to places where everything has changed…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a mixed American, Australian, English accent:  although, saying that is very very broad, because within those counties, so many different accents exist:  usually each one picks me as coming from one of the other – the weirdest thing was when I lived in Paris, quite a few people thought I was Irish, where I have never lived, but ethnically, I am very Irish.  I had no idea how odd and patchy and confused my accent is until recently, when several news readers on a couple of tv channels have caught my ear – so bizarre! listening to an accent shift in and out of 2-3 accents.  Of course, when I’m in the US, it shifts into more American, etc.  Such an immediate, observable (hearable), distinguishing “marker” for how NOT embedded in a “system” we individuals are……how hard it is to “locate” us (or for that matter, locate ourselves!).