Things can be different!

Posted: 10th January 2010 by admin in Uncategorized

Sometimes I look back and realise I have lost perspective on life. At some time or other I have done things to protect myself like withdrawing which in turn has hurt people who care about me. I have seen bitterness in others who I care about which has meant that however well intentioned your actions, they believe the things you do are done to hurt them, so once again you find yourself fighting feelings of depression or a lack of self worth.

Whatever the circumstances of the past there comes a time when we are able to effectively stand back and at last and see the wood for the trees (see things for what they really are). Or it may be a feeling or knowing that something is wrong and needs to be addressed. Some of us come to that point when we realise that we are a TCK and suddenly a weight falls of our shoulders. Others its a gradual process.

The most important things that I have learned through all of this are that you can come through the most difficult of times a stronger person, that you can find things in common with those that are not TCKs, that you can feel at home, that it is vital that we believe that there are good things in the future for us. We can get over and through issues that have held us back.

We sometimes need the support of others to remind us of these things. We may believe them to a point but there will be times when we need the reassurance of others that we can get through, especially when we are in the middle of dealing with them. We all need the strength of others around us. Trying to cope with them on our own at times will be too much for us.

I think that if we were to make a new years resolution it should be to encourage other TCKs this year. You will more than likely find like I have, that by doing so, they will be there for you when you feel discouraged! Lets strive to help each other this year, and in doing so, help ourselves!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bravo Paul!

    I cannot tell yuo how much it has meant to me to have connected with the people here at TCKid. I have some friends and I have been able to relate, and to find joy in the fact that others relate to me too! I haven’t been able to post much in the last several days because our work computer was “down” with a virus, but I have really been thinking along these same lines.

    I have found that since I found out about TCK, I am more relaxed, more at ease with other people, and more at peace with myself. The huge rock has been rolled away from the tomb of my heart and I’m grateful to everyone on TCKid.

    I have also found, like you, that its true that there are things that “knowing about TCK” won’t solve overnight. one of those things for me, is my relationship with my mother. That’s going to take some time, and a lot of “stretching” on my part but with good friends and a feeling of hope in my heart, I think I am up to the task.

    So count me in! I want to help and I’m here to encourage others — and I’m also humbled by your willingness to encourage me.
    God bless you!

  2. Anonymous says:

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