The world is full of migrants

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The whole world is full of migrants. And everyone has these problems of migration:
culture shock– because you leave habits at home, and suddenly recognize what a habit is–

and the effort you have to make to create new habits which is exhausting and freeing at the same time—- because you can get rid of bad habits— everyone who makes an effort gets lot’s back: not only moneywise;) ,

bodywise, as well—. So keep healthy in doing sports: good habit, and think positivly: good habit;

and do not cry or moarn: bad habit which can stagnate development.–

To introduce yourself is new: everyone knew you where you are from. What is introducing, at all?!?

To be the foreigner is difficult, but it was not perfect at home, too. So try to establish new contacts which are good. Prove every day that you are trustworthy: moneywise. You only have one life. So at least, the time you are spending here, shall be as good as possible…….


forget “time”: your body has got one time. He grows perfectly like everyone elses though if in different places.

To encounter differences is enriching: like a star, everyone looks
at, I had to learn to let people look at me as a stranger: to sell it. Do sell it: make
yourself a brand.

ATCK know what this effort means from little on, may
be, they cope better with it than people that move as an adult, there are lots
of them, too, who did not fit in their city and left it to find answers as an adult. Adult learn 

less quick.

So take good care of people that move as an adult: they do it much worse. We are better in it. We learnt it from little on. It is an advantage. Sell your advantage. May be not. It is another state, we saw more. We are not better in it. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I figured out, that home has got to do with money. Some say, it is more to it, but not for me. Sex has got nothing to do with money. It is a desire and not a working force or psychology. 

A home is called a private household in economical terms and private households are the biggest power companies have: we work. The owner of the company, too. He has got a private household himself. It is always two companies we have to do at different times. As long as there are no conflicts, people work under different laws of nature-geography/production-culture.


Culture is just production: and every country produces chairs, food, beds, houses: there is hardly any differences between cultures!

I never change wherever I go, I am the same. But the laws around me change. Not really me.

I am me and I stay me with my own laws. And I feel
lonely and I will stay lonely. And I do not mind anymore, because this is the
truth, the truth of me and my body. A pychology says, if you manage to be happy alone, you will succeed in enjoying people, too. Stay alone for a while. Do not make friends just for having friends, because it is the way it should be. Think again what you really need. This is a great wisdom and that is why ATCKs are so strong: they come to realize the beauty of loneliness. Travel is a virtue/goodness. Be glad being good. And glad being egoistic. Adam Smith, 1723*, a scientist of economy wrote that egoism is good for others, too.

I love psychology. I started to collect
little dictionaries from every country: to get into different psychologies is a soft skill, I suppose. Mentality is psychology. Wrote everything down. Will sell it. As a sculptor working in Hamburg,
Germany. Welcome.

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