Singapore Grand Prix

Posted: 28th September 2013 by admin in Uncategorized

Yeah go ahead, you can be a little jealous…. we went. We went to the Singapore Grand Prix!

So there are some perks to living on the other side of the world after all! And having a brother-in-law who lives in Singapore is also one of them.

We took a long weekend to Singapore to have a much needed break, some alone time as a couple, and to see friends and family there. Oh, and of course, watch and hear powerful engine revving all day and night long!

The view from my brother-in-law’s apartment

 We went to Sentosa….

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe try treating Belgium like it is, in fact, another foreign land? It seems like it would be, especially to your children. Go see the sights! Explore your country, just because it is new (again) and because it is beautiful. The thing that got (and really, still gets) in my way whenever I return to my passport country is the idea that it ought to be the same. And it never is, so I must relearn it. It is kind of fun, in a weird way. I discover new things that I never noticed before. 0

    There is a huge community of TCKs in Belgium (I used to live in Mons). I do not know how many are Belgian, per se, but they are there, perhaps find them and make friends?