My good freind Rachel is so funny, she wants to know where I haven’t lived.

During my years as an outcast within my own country, I’ve had a lot of time to think about this. For me, geography is always a landscape of the heart. And mine needs to get a lot bigger. It’s not about choices or “luck”. It really is about “need”. I “need” to do this before I die so I can feel finally, as if I’ve truly “lived”.

So here is my list of fascinating places I want to see, live in and make friends with before I die. They are in no particular order, except that I am guessing the ones that come to mind first, are heaviest on my mind. My mono-American friends don’t seem to realize that, if you had an airplane, you could theoretically go east or west, FOREVER. I know you guys get this so I will just head west, because that coast is closer.

You must have a passport and be at least 48 inches tall to go on this ride by yourself. Otherwise, you will need faithful companions.
But first, we’ll fuel up in Ethiopia. THEN, we’ll take off from L. A. It only makes sense if you’re a TCK.

Australia (must have turned left somewhere)
New Zealand
Iran (wait – I’ve already lived there…but I so want to go back!!!)
Morocco (It was either Rhabhat or Germany and my mom said she would divorce my dad if we didn’t go to Germany. )
South Africa (Okay, I just turned left.)
Botswana (oops…u-turn then a sharp left)
Argentina (did you know that the ultimate hottie TCK grew up there? Viggo Mortensen. Swoon!)
Peru (oops —going in circles!)
Costa Rica
Canada (oooh, talk about opposites attract!)
Siberia (wait , have we made a complete revolution already??? So many places we missed the first time around…Let’s take this ride again!)

Romania (yep…been here before..I remember now! Have to go find my nanna, Gica)

Antarctica….my church actually has a church there. The Russians built it so I would feel right at home. But I’m not Russian either. 🙂
Where haven’t you lived, and want to, before you die?

Another thing I’m wondering: In Nevada, the legal requirement for residency at an address is 7 consecutive days. If you have lived there for 7 days, the landlord has a terrible time throwing you out. If you live in the state of Nevada for six consecutive months, you are considered a resident of the state.

how long do you have to actually live in a place, before you are considered resident? For me, it’s about 7 days. 😛

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was born in England, went to British and then Australian school in Thailand and immigrated to the US when I was ten. I kept my British accent because no one in my 5th grade class had ever heard of Thailand so it was better to be teased for being English than an unidentified flying alien. At least I can get marmite and marmalade here.

    Here’s one my mother always had trouble with in tennis. Shall we knock up? for rally or when going to knock on someone’s door in the morning—Shall I knock you up at 8? Also had an American friend named Randy who had no end of trouble when he introduced himself to people in England.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Seo-young Suzy Lim said:

    “I always giggle whenever I realize that I have been to places that most people never
    visited before, but I have never been to places that most people visited before.”

    That is so true! I ask people from the US if they have been out of the country and they answer, “Canada”. I have never been to Canada.