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  • @rachelstaab unfortunately not 🙁 they’re very beautiful and a good reason for another roadtrip 😀 I really liked visiting San Antonio in Texas, and the Gulf coast beaches. Have you ever been to the Alamo or the space center in Houston?

  • @rachelstaab I like pretty much any outdoor activity as long as it gets me out of the house 🙂 My favorite would be visiting national parks locally and around the world. In 2011 I spent more than a month traveling the US with my friend visiting all the famous parks..it is one of my happiest memories

  • @rachelstaab Hey Rachel – It can be. I think it’s worth if if you have a plan or a general idea of how it works into your future goals. It becomes problematic when you go just to go 🙂 But I certainly talk to the student if they need help.
    Thanks for your comment!

  • @rachelstaab Do you have any more plans to travel?

  • @rachelstaab haha! Yeah, I guess it is a lot of work.  Then again, so is being a teacher!  So you’re in Texas right now?  When was your last move?

  • @rachelstaab Hi Rachel! Welcome to you too! I wish you a happy New Year!
    When did you live in Bangladesh? Have you been there since your childhood?
    I visited India in 1994 (aged 26). I suffered from a “culture shock” as I came back to Germany… 😉
    Now I am an engineer / technical writer and deal with foreign countries only in my spare time. Like…[Read more]

  • @rachelstaab Hi Rachel!  Welcome to you too!  Are you also interested in research?  I see that you’re working in Special Ed right now.