Maria Adela Passini

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Maria Adela Passini




Buenos Aires






Marital status


Looking for

Friendship, Networking

What best describes you?

Business Brat, Global Nomad, Cross Cultural

What is your profession?

Cathehist and Linguistics student, former medical student

What countries did you live in? (Name all the countries and cities so people can search you)

Buenos Aires (AR), Concordia (AR), Dubai (UAE), NJ (USA), Philadelphia (USA), Florence (It)

How can you help the TCK community?

I want to raise awareness, I want to contribute by using my skills

What non-profit or volunteer experience have you had? (Please include how you can help TCKID, what skills you have, etc)

I don't know about non-profit experience but as for volunteering experience I have worked with my last church's ministries and helped out at the local hospital (Virtua in Marlton NJ, USA), food drives and similar community oriented activities. I've tutored for free as I love helping out with whatever skills I have. Speaking of, I am multilingual, have an objective and open minded approach to things/the world, have goo critical thinking abilities, am good with technology, I love challenges, love learning new things/skills and have a keen memory. I believe I could help, if it was needed, with things such as sharing stories and personal trials and triumphs as a TCK, share tips on overcoming many hurdles, offer to hear out anyone that needs to talk and such.