Harry Potter Behind the Story

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This is one of those stories that one person writes a section of the story and submits it and then someone else …. The story will be a Harry Potter buy with non of the actual Characters and NOT the same plot but the same setting and everything else.

The wind was blowing and the rain beat his face as Michael climbed the hill to the entrance of the the castle Hogwarts. He was wrapped in a large traveling cloak with the hood up and the his hands tucked into his pockets. He strode into the Dinning Hall and took off his hood. He seen it many times but it always amazed him, the immense hall with the great ceiling that changed with the weather out side,witch was dark and stormy, and best of all the food piled hill on the four long tables. He slowed to a slow walk as he entered headed over to the sixth year’s part of RavenClaws table and took his seat.

  1. Anonymous says:

    When he sat down, he was astonished to find the bench speaking to him. “Oy! That hurts”. He looked down and realized that the bench was actually a living thing, with a face that looked as though carved a thousand years before. The eyes held a sparkle as if enjoying Michael’s sudden discomfort. “I am so sorry!” Michael’s hand flew to his mouth, to cover his embarrassment, and the bench mocked him saying, “Sorry? What say you if I said, that sorry isn’t good enough?”

  2. Anonymous says:

    I speak both Aussie and American English.

    Other than the accent differences being amazing, we have a lot of different vocabulary.

    US = Aussie
    Sausage = Snag
    Barbeque = Barbie
    Pickup Truck = Ute
    Dude = Mate
    Man = Bloke
    Tea & Coffe = Cuppa
    Breakfast = Brekky
    Dinner/Supper = Tea
    Fire = Sack
    Pacifier = Dummy
    Give Up = Spit the Dummy
    Die = Kick the Bucket
    Screw Up = Muck Up

    And the pronunciation of say… Controversy.

    US: CON-tro-Ver-sy
    Aussie/UK: con-TRO-ver-sy