Chameleon, the Experiences of Global Citizens
Choreography by Alaine Handa & Dancers
Performed by Alaine Handa, Laura Lamp

Am I Home?
Spoken Word Alaine Handa
Spoken Word Excerpts from “Uniquely Me” by Alex Graham James,
Spoken Word “De Främmande Länderna” by Edith Södergran,
Spoken Word “Eulogy to my multi-racial / Multi-cultural ancestors / Also known as the
Spoken W d anti-eulogy / To my multi-racial/ Multi-cultural ancestors” by Leilani Chan
Spoken Word Edited by David Karagianis

Music “Gamelan Suling” by Gamelan Gong Gebjar

For more information about Chameleon please visit:
Toronto Fringe Festival 2011


“Chameleon, the Experiences of Global Citizens” at Toronto Fringe Excerpts: Solos from Alaine Handa on Vimeo.

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