A greatful day

Posted: 19th January 2014 by admin in Uncategorized

What makes a day fullfilled, I asked my self this today.We had a short input about this today and I wonder, is it different for each person and only a subjective view?

I asked my self what is a fullfilled day for me? Is it a day where I have done so much and was there and there? Is it when I fill my day with meeting people or finishing all my chores?

No I realized it is for one when my soul has deeply been touched maybe because I have a really good deep and needed conversation (either for myself or the other person).

And most of all when I spend time with people I love and some how have made a special connection. When there is laughter and a soul binding moment, that is something that makes a good day good.

Or very simple, when the sun shines and i am filled with joy and feel so unbelievably grateful to be able to enjoy this moment.

Yes when my heart is filled with gratitude, that makes me glad to be alive.

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is so freeing to not fight being on the fringe, so to speak:)  I began TCK therapy last week, and it helped to have that pointed out, that it seems I feel compelled by pressure to fit in and be something I am not:)  My community are those who are on the fringe too and I have always loved hanging with and helping them.  In that process I have forgotten how out of place I feel and my non TCK husby is starting to get it now too:)  Also, I love to just relax, alone and knit on my days off…is that a TCK thing?  Some of my non TCK friends want to hang out/have me babysit on my days off and I have had to just be honest…no can do, it’s recuperation time:)  I work in a fast paced coffee drive thru, so need a wind down day:)